Hi there, my name is Mascha and I have spent almost my whole life in the same place. Then one day I stumbled upon a flight to Japan. In only a few weeks I will be on my way. So far I have no plan, no money and I don’t speak any Japanese (yet).

I am convinced that travelling can be more than just a little break from your daily life. It is a chance to learn, to grow and to reflect. That is why I want to look for thought-provoking impulses and interesting people in Japan in order to write all these small and big discoveries down in this blog. This also means starting to learn some Japanese in the few weeks I have left so that it might help me understand this foreign culture a bit better.

“Omikuji” is written on the sign. Omikujis are little fortunes written on pieces of paper that you can get at shrines or temples. Can they tell me what is waiting for me in Tokyo?

I would be glad if my experiences might also inspire others to try jumping head over heels into a foreign culture. Especially if like me you feel stuck in your daily routine and think that such a project would be too complicated, too time-intensive and too expensive. I think sometimes you just have to stumble straight on.

“Stolpern” is German and means to stumble or to trip over something. If you trip over something, it means that there was something in your way which you didn’t expect. Therefore, being willing to trip means to leave the familiar path in order to discover new things. It means letting yourself be irritated in order to grow. I want to take a lesson from infants who learn how to walk by stumbling. Each step for them is a little fall yet they courageously stumble on.

Being a complete beginner in a foreign culture I will certainly, like the children who are learning to walk, fall right on my nose a few times. Anyway, I have always been good at making people laugh with my clumsiness, so why not in Japan? A particular area for tripping will be the Japanese language. Learning it within a few weeks is impossible. Nevertheless I’ll just jump into this adventure and I am determined to celebrate every warped and broken sentence that I’ll manage to stutter.

Feel free to leave friendly comments or ideas. I hope you enjoy my blog!


P.S. I am sorry for any English mistakes you will find. It’s a lot of work to translate everything into English and I am doing it very quickly. I hope it won’t be too bad though.