the philosopher of the woods

“My first name means “philosopher” and my last name means “forest”. You could say I am the philosopher of the woods. I visit the shrine when I happen to come across one or when I feel like it. In Shintoism we believe, that Gods are living in all things, thus also in the trees and rocks here around us. Visiting the shrine makes me feel close to my ancestors.”

a japanese Christian

“My grandparents founded this church. It wasn’t easy for them at the beginning; there are only few Christians in Japan. Most people here aren’t very religious. They visit a temple or a shrine from time to time, but that’s all. My faith means a lot to me. An important part of it is the music; my mother plays the organ in our church. We used to have a language school too, because languages unite people. But since people have started offering internet lessons, we had to close the school.”